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Annual biplane Fly In Event

Saturday September 28th was a great day for flying, and an even better day for biplanes. According to IRCS President James Rundle, the AMA registered event "Biplanes over Ithaca" drew approximately 100 spectators to watch 18 registered pilots put their biplanes in the air. With more than 30 aircraft on display, the event showcased multi-wing designs of all kinds from aviation's beginnings to modern aerobatic craft. Including IRCS, the event drew members from eight area RC clubs: Aeroguidance, Valley RC Model Club, CAMS Cortland, STARS, Mountain Modelers Wellsboro PA, Sayre Valley RC, ARCS Syracuse. Also attending/piloting were VIPs from the AMA: Gary Fitch, AMA Executive VP; Eric Williams, VP for District II; Frank Granelli and Reid Condon, Associate VPs for District II;

The event would not have been a success without the help of many hands. Many club members showed up early to help set up and continued to provide help throughout the day.

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