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For the winter 2020 building season we are forming a model airplane workshop. All skill levels are welcome. The Ithaca Generator is granting us work space and we meet there sundays at 12 (There is a monthly fee). There are also classes available on how to use their 3D printers and laser cutter. The IG is located at 112-6 West Green St., one alley east of press bay alley.

So come build an airplane with us!- Thor

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The Phaeton build continues. Top wing complete, Onward to the bottom wing and still on schedule for a spring maiden flight.

Stay warm

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I've been getting going on my winter project- a Phaeton II biplane from Balsa USA.  I have been a strictly electric guy for a long time but the club was donated a sweet os four stroke .91 surpass engine and through the generosity of the club it found it's way into my hands.  The .91 FS is the largest engine that fits on the Phaeton.  I've had to do a few modifications to the design- first of all that .91 has the carb located on the back so it's a very long engine.  I had to move the firewall back by a couple of inches.  I did some other mods for aesthetic reasons.  I built a rounded turtle deck on the rear of the fuselage (the design in the kit is very ugly, it's a three sided faceted thing I really didn't like).  I also changed the shapes of the vertical and horizontal stabilizers- to give it a more classic look.  Again what the kit called for was pretty ugly- the surfaces were square and swept back.  The final modification I'm doing is giving it an extra pair of ailerons on the top wing, I'd like to get a really fast roll rate like my Edge 540 has.  I love flying with lots of control throw and lots of exponential programmed in the transmitter to make it manageable.  I will probably start construction of the top wing this evening.  As the build progresses I will keep you updated!


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